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For Children & Adults



We Make Exercise Fun

This is our Fantastic Martial Arts beginners program for children aged 4-9. Punchin’ Pandas is a Character Development Program that helps grow all of the Important Life Skills associated with the beginning of our Students journey to Black Belt.

There are 7 Major Modules - ‘Courtesy’ ‘Respect’ Self Discipline’ ‘Confidence’ ‘Concentration’ ‘Kindness’ & ‘Perseverance’ At the end of each module, our ‘Pandas’ will earn a new Belt and Receive a Certificate, But that’s not all,

We will work all of the Fundamental physical and mental attributes such as ‘Balance’ ‘Coordination’ ‘Focus’ ‘Goal Setting’ and more...and our trainers promise to make all of this exercise Fun

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Surpass Your Goals

Perfect For ages 7-13, Junior Dragons is the Children’s Version of our Adults 360 Taekwondo program.

They will of course learn Martial Arts & Self Defence, but importantly your children will develop the confidence to deal with difficult situations verbally.

Your child will develop major personal Character Benefits such as Confidence, Self Discipline, Respect, A Positive Mental Attide, Motivation, Goal Setting, and more....



Time to Shred

Freestyle Taekwondo is our most traditional Martial Arts Program. The roots to this style are based in the Far East and whilst we still practice the original patterns(Kata) our Style has evolved to also include exciting technical padwork  and an updated modern approach to Self Defense. 

We offer a fascinating structured syllabus from White Belt to Black Belt that we have developed over 22 Years, We know you will absolutely love the atmosphere in our TKD classes, as we do.

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